Why Do Teeth Darken?

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When you look in the mirror you are looking for obvious blemishes or inconsistencies, but when others begin noticing your teeth darkening, you may begin looking for a solution, and also for a cause. Dr. Terry Bass offers teeth whitening treatments to patients throughout the Norman area, but knowing what is causing your teeth to darken can help slow the progressive darkening of your teeth over time.

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Darkening Teeth Causes

As you age, your bones lose some of the calcium and minerals that keep them healthy and resilient. This mineral loss applies to your teeth as well as the bones in your skeleton and can result in darkening teeth. However, aging is not always the only cause for dark teeth. You may also experience tooth discoloration through:

  • Chemical exposure, such as mercury
  • Genetics
  • Staining foods

Some of these causes make teeth whitening more difficult than others. Foods that stain your teeth cause the easiest stains to reduce, while genetics and exposure to chemicals may be the most difficult. Some individuals have more transparent tooth enamel than others, so the color of the dentin underneath the enamel may become more visible as the enamel wears down from normal use.

Whitening Food Stains

If your teeth are stained by external sources, like coffee or tea, whitening your teeth may be a relatively simple procedure. At-home teeth whiteners work for some patients, but are time-consuming and uncomfortable. In-office teeth whitening is often the most effective form of teeth whitening and the results are immediately visible. Many patients experience teeth up to 12 shades whiter with in-office teeth whitening, as opposed to only three to six shades whiter with at-home teeth whitening.

If you have non-food-related teeth darkening, in-office teeth whitening may still help brighten your smile. Though the teeth whitening agents will not affect the color of your dentin, the surface of your tooth enamel will become whiter and Dr. Terry Bass will polish your teeth after whitening to help them achieve their maximum shine and luster.

Even if you undergo professional teeth whitening your teeth will begin to darken again in six months to a year and you may desire repeated procedures. This is the natural result of the impact of staining foods and aging on your teeth and cannot be permanently treated. However, many people find whiter, brighter smiles with teeth whitening treatments.

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