Tooth Recontouring

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If you have minor problems with your smile, tooth recontouring offers an easy and affordable fix. Tooth recontouring can bring out the best in your smile by correcting things like enamel chips, tooth crevices, jagged teeth, or too-long teeth. Teeth that are uneven can be reshaped for a more balanced, attractive smile. Overlapping teeth can be minimized for a more natural appearance.

Recontouring is all about bringing balance to smiles that may be held back by imperfections. Find out if this is the right cosmetic dentistry treatment for you by calling 405-848-7780 today

An Easy Smile Solution

Tooth recontouring is a favorite of our patients because it usually requires no anesthesia or downtime. Recontouring lets Dr. Bass achieve the tooth appearance you envision with a safe technique that can be performed in just one visit.

If you have larger smile issues you would like our smile makeover specialist to address, you may want to consider additional smile enhancement procedures such as porcelain veneers, crowns, porcelain fillings, tooth whitening, or dental implants.


  • First, you will visit us for a personalized consultation and examination. You can view Before and After photos and share your smile concerns with our Team. Dr. Bass will take X-rays, evaluate the cosmetic issues affecting your smile, and discuss the benefits of tooth recontouring.
  • During your tooth recontouring visit, if there are any underlying tooth structure issues, other cosmetic dentistry treatments may be recommended. If your tooth is stable and the enamel can be safely reduced, Dr. Bass will proceed with the reshaping treatment.
  • Dr. Bass will use a sanding technique to recontour the tooth to a more attractive shape and check your bite to make sure teeth fit together comfortably.
  • Any additional contouring is made to achieve the right look and feel.
  • Your tooth is then polished for a natural, healthy appearance.

Do not ignore those smile problems that have bothered you for so long. Let Dr. Bass and his experienced Team educate you on the benefits of smile restoration with tooth recontouring. To get started, please contact Terry Bass, D.D.S. online or call 405-848-7780 to set up your first visit. We have helped many patients in Norman, Oklahoma achieve a beautiful, confident smile, and we look forward to providing you with excellent care.