TMD Treatments

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If you suffer from TMD symptoms the only treatment which will alleviate your aches and pains are TMD treatments. Terry Bass, D.D.S., understands the type of pain you are experiencing and wants to not only help you find relief, but bring out the healthy, beautiful smile that your TMD symptoms are preventing.

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Types of TMD Treatment

There are a number of TMD treatments available, and most of them are directly designed to resolve one or more symptoms of TMD. Each TMD treatment may be used independently of the others or in conjunction with one or more other treatment.

TENS Unit – Designed to help your jaw relax into its nominal position, the TENS unit uses low electrical impulses to deliver a massage-like feeling to your jaw muscles and tendons. Using the TENS unit for only a few minutes can produce relief from TMD pain and allow your jaw to relax. While the TENS unit provides relief from some of the symptoms of TMD, it is most commonly used to help move your jaw to a relaxed state so other TMD treatments can be performed.

Pure Power Mouth Guard – The Pure Power Mouth Guard and Pure Power Edge are mouth guards custom-designed to fit your mouth and align your jaw into its correct place. Depending on the prescribed use, you may wear your mouth guard only at night or at any time that is convenient. Usually wearing the mouth guard only at night is enough to help your jaw relax into its optimal position and remain there during the day.

Cosmetic Dentistry – It is very common for TMD to create problems with your teeth, such as worn down, cracked or broken teeth. Dr. Terry Bass may use cosmetic dentistry procedures to rebuild your tooth material and help keep your jaw in its correct alignment, even when you are chewing. Most often cosmetic dentistry procedures are used for TMD treatment when there has been tooth damage, but it may be used to build up teeth which were always too small or missing.

Orthodontics – In very severe cases, TMD treatment may include the use of orthodontics treatment or permanent orthodontic fixtures. This may include braces or jaw surgery, or other types of orthodontia designed to help your jaw align correctly both at rest and while in use.

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