Symptoms of TMD

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TMD, alternately known as TMJ, is the name given to any disorder that alters the alignment of the jaw. This common disorder can be caused by trauma, stress, bite irregularities, and even genetics. Sadly, despite its prevalence, many cases of TMD are misdiagnosed or simply remain undetected.

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Symptoms of TMD

Jaw pain and swelling are two of the most common symptoms of TMD. These two symptoms are frequently accompanied by:

  • Clicking, popping, or grinding noises when opening and shutting the mouth
  • Limited range of jaw motion
  • Complete lockjaw

While many of the symptoms of TMD point directly to issues with the jaw, several others can seem entirely unrelated. TMD impacts the nervous system by compressing one of the body’s largest and most sensitive nerves – the trigeminal. This, in turn, can lead to symptoms including:

  • Headaches that feel like tension headaches or migraines
  • Ear ringing and pain without the presence of infection
  • Nasal pressure and pain
  • Pressure and pain behind the eyes
  • General facial pain
  • Neck, shoulder, and backaches

When these symptoms are caused by TMD, no amount of medication will provide lasting relief. This is why symptoms such as these should be discussed with an experienced neuromuscular dentist like Dr. Bass.

TMD Treatments

Dr. Bass offers a range of TMD treatment options that focus on the underlying problem to produce long-term relief from the painful and limiting symptoms of this common disorder. Which treatment is right for your particular needs will be based on factors specific to your condition and can best be determined during your neuromuscular evaluation.

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