Sedation Dentistry vs Sleep Dentistry

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Is sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry better for your needs? The best way to find out is by calling 405-848-7780 and scheduling your initial consultation with Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Terry Bass

There are a number of reasons to consider sedation dentistry including dental phobia, sensitive teeth, and general discomfort. Sedation can also be used during longer procedures to help ensure optimal comfort at all times.

Depending on your specific needs, Oklahoma City sedation dentist Dr. Terry Bass may recommend various types of sedation, some that allow you to remain conscious during your treatment and some that do not – and therein lies the difference between sedation and sleep dentistry.

If you are considering sleep or sedation dentistry in Oklahoma City, please contact Terry L. Bass, DDS online or by calling 405-848-7780 to schedule your initial consultation today.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry typically refers to nitrous oxide or oral medications that can be used to instill comfort and relieve anxiety prior to your appointment. With sedation dentistry you remain alert enough to respond to directions from Dr. Bass, but relaxed enough to feel completely at ease during your treatment.

Dr. Bass may recommend sedation dentistry for patients who struggle with dental phobia or anxiety, as well as those who have difficulties getting numb or suffer from physical discomforts during dental treatments.  As a member of DOCS (the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation), Dr. Bass has undergone significant training in this field and is highly qualified to determine the best type of sedation for each patient.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry typically refers to IV sedation and is used to put a patient completely to sleep during their procedure. Among the sedation options, sleep dentistry is the least common due to the additional risks that may accompany “twilight sedation.” However, in cases where surgical intervention is required, sleep dentistry is the best option for some patients.

The medications used for IV sedation in dentistry are the same as those used for any surgical procedure and require the same level of physical health. Dr. Bass can discuss this with you in greater detail if twilight sedation seems to be the best fit for your needs.

Which Option is Right for Me?

There are a number of reasons to consider both sleep and sedation dentistry, but neither is ideal for every patient. The best way to learn which option is best for your specific needs is by calling our Oklahoma City sedation dentist at 405-848-7780 to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Dr. Bass welcomes patients from Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and all surrounding areas of Oklahoma.