Replacing Mercury Fillings

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If you have read anything about the mercury controversy you know that mercury is a potentially harmful substance to humans and that not all dentists acknowledge this threat. Trace amounts of mercury are still used by many dentists in metal amalgam fillings and other types of dental appliances, and even this tiny amount of mercury can leach into the soft tissues around your teeth and cause harm.

Metal-Free Dentistry

Dr. Terry Bass, D.D.S., is a cosmetic dentist who enforces a strict, metal-free dentistry policy that helps keep you, our valued patient, safe and healthy. As part of his dedication to your safety, Dr. Terry Bass often replaces mercury fillings with metal-free fillings, improving not only the health and safety of your teeth and mouth, but the appearance, as well.

Many patients who seek filling replacements do so because they feel that silver-colored fillings are unattractive and visible when they are speaking or laughing. However, the tangible value of having a cosmetic dentist replace mercury fillings lies in protecting your teeth and the surrounding tissue.

Dangers of Trace Mercury

You may not be aware of it, but every time your metal fillings undergo an extreme temperature change, such as eating or drinking hot or cold foods, they expand or contract. This constant expanding and contracting can weaken your tooth structure, adding even more potential damage in addition to the threat of mercury leaking into your soft tissues.

Porcelain fillings, on the other hand, consist of highly stable porcelain material much closer to the chemical makeup of your natural tooth enamel. A porcelain filling will not expand and contract with heat and cold the way that a metal filling will, making it the primary choice for Dr. Terry Bass, as well as thousands of other cosmetic dentists.

Replacing Your Mercury Fillings

Replacing your metal amalgam fillings with safer porcelain fillings is a simple process to understand. First, the cosmetic dentist removes your old metal filling and the tooth cleaned of any debris or residue. Then a digital X-ray and 3-D images are taken of your tooth or teeth, and used to create a custom porcelain filling for your tooth. The porcelain filling is then placed in your tooth, replacing the old metal filling and protecting the tooth cavity. Finally, the filling and tooth are polished to create a smooth surface.

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