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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can refer to over a dozen different problems with the jaw joint that result in poor alignment. Running throughout the jaw is the trigeminal nerve, one of the largest nerves in your body. Misalignment caused by TMJ places pressure on this nerve, often resulting in serious pain in and around the jaw in addition to headaches and general facial pain.

Because many of the symptoms of TMJ may not seem related to the jaw, it is not uncommon for this disorder to remain undiagnosed. Unfortunately, when TMJ is not diagnosed, treatments offered tend to focus on symptoms and ultimately fail to provide long-term relief.

If you live in or around Oklahoma City and are suffering from any of the symptoms of TMJ, please call Terry Bass, DDS at 405-848-7780 today to schedule a comprehensive neuromuscular dentistry evaluation.

Treating TMJ

Treating TMJ requires realigning the jaw. To accomplish this, our Oklahoma City neuromuscular dentist will first need to determine the cause of your TMJ through a comprehensive evaluation. Once the cause of TMJ has been established, Dr. Bass can customize a treatment option that restores alignment and produces lasting relief.

TMJ treatments offered at our Oklahoma City office include:

  • Muscle relaxation with a TENS unit
  • Oral splints or mouthguards to prevent bruxism (teeth grinding) and retrain muscles
  • Bite realignment through full mouth restoration
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Medications

Treating TMJ often requires a combined approach and may take some time. However, only through proper treatment can alignment be restored and painful symptoms be eliminated.

We can Help

Dr. Bass received his neuromuscular dentistry training at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. By utilizing the latest in dental technology and offering the safest and most effective treatment options, he can restore ideal alignment and help guard against a reoccurrence of TMJ symptoms.

To schedule a TMJ treatment evaluation with our experienced Oklahoma City neuromuscular dentist, please call 405-848-7780 or contact us online today.