Oklahoma City Root Canal Procedure

Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When tooth pulp becomes infected, a root canal is essential to guard against temporary pain and discomfort as well as eventual tooth extraction. Endodontics, the dental specialty concerned with issues affecting the tooth pulp, is one of Dr. Terry Bass’s areas of focus. Using modern endodontic techniques, Dr. Bass will work to ensure your Oklahoma City root canal procedure preserves your natural tooth and helps restore comfort to your bite.

If you are suffering from a tooth infection, please contact Terry Bass, DDS or call 405-622-8996 today to schedule your Oklahoma City root canal procedure.

A Safe and Comfortable Procedure

Common perception among people who have never had a root canal is that they are terribly uncomfortable. However, with modern anesthetics and advanced technology, today’s root canals are no more uncomfortable than a dental filling.

Your Oklahoma City root canal procedure will begin with the application of a numbing agent. Once your tooth has become numb, Dr. Bass will make a small access hole throughout which infected tooth pulp can be removed.

Using tiny surgical instruments, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned internally before our Oklahoma City endodontist replaces the pulp with special dental materials. When necessary, an antibiotic will also be injected before the tooth is temporally sealed. If an antibiotic is injected, you will need to wait one to two weeks before your tooth is fully restored.

The final restoration of your tooth will be done with a metal-free dental filling or a customized dental crown. Which option is best for you depends on the extent of damage the infection has done and the level of protection your tooth now requires. This will be discussed with you in greater detail prior to your Oklahoma City root canal procedure.

To schedule an appointment with our Oklahoma City endodontist, please contact us today. Dr. Bass provides root canal services for people living in and around Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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