Neuromuscular Dentistry Questions

Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Will neuromuscular dentistry treatment alleviate my pain?

There are many treatment options we can try, but until we get to the root of your neuromuscular dentistry issue, we cannot effectively solve the problem at its core. That is why we ask all neuromuscular patients to undergo a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. Dr. Bass uses a high-tech digital imaging system to track the movements of the jaw and uncover inconsistencies. Our goal is to pinpoint what area of the jaw is failing to operate with efficiency. We will then develop a plan to treat the problem, using methods to minimize and alleviate the symptoms while also reconstructing the bite and creating a healthy bite position.

What treatments will work best for my bad bite?

The treatment Dr. Bass recommends will depend on the degree and cause of your misaligned bite. If you have a very minor issue, you may need something as simple as a customized plastic mouthpiece to retrain your jaw muscles. If you have a severe misalignment, you may need long-term oral appliances, medication, orthodontic treatment, or cosmetic dentistry treatment to correct the problems. In some instances, physical therapy or lifestyle changes can get great results.

Can I afford neuromuscular treatments?

At the office of Dr. Terry Bass in Oklahoma, we work hard to make sure our neuromuscular diagnostic and treatment services are affordable for many different types of budgets. Our pricing is competitive, and we also offer financing options to help you spread out your payment time if necessary.

Does Dr. Bass have a lot of neuromuscular treatment experience?

Dr. Terry Bass received extensive post-graduate training in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), one of the country’s premier teaching institutions. In addition, Dr. Bass participates in ongoing continuing education courses to stay on top of the latest neuromuscular dentistry treatments and research. Dr. Bass has helped numerous patients find solutions to the pain and discomfort of TMD / TMJ with his knowledge of effective diagnosis and treatment modalities.

Will my neuromuscular problems go away on their own?

Most neuromuscular symptoms, such as jaw pain, headaches, or neck pain, are caused by a misalignment somewhere in the temporomandibular joint. The majority of neuromuscular issues will need some type of treatment in order to resolve the symptoms. It is very rare that a bad bite would correct itself. Even if pain subsides, chances are the misalignment will cause additional problems eventually. The best remedy is to have a thorough evaluation by a skilled neuromuscular dentist. Dr. Bass uses 3-D digital imaging technology to find the cause of neuromuscular problems, and then recommends treatments that can help.

You can ask as many questions as you want during your personalized neuromuscular dentistry consultation. Dr. Bass and our experienced neuromuscular dentistry Team will help you find relief from the symptoms of a bad bite. If you are in Edward, Lawton, Norman, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, please contact Terry Bass, D.D.S. to set up your consultation today.

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