Metal-Free Dentistry

Proudly Serving Patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman & nearby areas of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City office of Dr. Terry Bass is proud to be a metal-free dental practice, offering advanced tooth-colored materials instead for ultimate safety, comfort, longevity, and beauty. We believe that metal is not the best choice for dental restorations like fillings and crowns for a number of reasons.

There are many people who feel that even small amounts of mercury in dental restorations are potentially harmful to the human body. For more information about our metal-free practice, please call the office of Terry Bass, DDS, at 405-622-8996 to schedule an appointment in the Oklahoma City area.

Mercury Controversy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration believes that dental fillings containing mercury may be harmful to pregnant women, children and fetuses. Further research supports this finding. Although there have been no official, definitive judgments by the FDA on the harmfulness of metal in dental restorations, we feel it is better to offer patients only materials we know are completely safe for use in the body.

No Risk of Temperature-Related Fracture

We do not offer silver or mercury as an option. We place safe, metal free tooth-colored restorations made from porcelain and composite resins including plastic. Dr. Bass feels these modern filling options are even stronger than metal and do not present the same problems. For instance, metal fillings have been known to crack teeth due to their tendency to expand and contract in different temperatures. With composite materials, there is no risk of this happening.

Easy Smile Integration

With metal, there is simply no way to hide the tough, metallic appearance. We choose composite materials because they blend well with your smile and can be color-customized, so no one will know you have had dental work done.

If you are ready to say goodbye to outdated metal dental work, Dr. Bass would be happy to replace an old metal filling, crown, or bridge using strict, safe mercury removal techniques. Our tooth-colored metal free replacement options require only one to two visits.

Do not let metal keep you from smiling your brightest. If you are in Edmond, Lawton, Norman, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, find out how Dr. Terry Bass and his cosmetic dentistry Team can restore your smile with metal free dentistry. Please contact Terry Bass, D.D.S. online or by phone at 405-622-8996 today to set up a personalized consultation.