KöR Tooth Whitening

Proudly Serving Patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman & nearby areas of Oklahoma

For fast and effective in-office tooth whitening, Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist Dr. Terry Bass is pleased to offer the KöR whitening system. With KöR tooth whitening, Dr. Bass can lighten your smile up to eight shades in as little as 45 minutes, enabling you to return to your normal activities with a brighter and more attractive smile in next to no time at all.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area and are interested in learning how KöR tooth whitening can enhance your smile, please call Terry Bass, DDS at 405-848-7780 to schedule your appointment today.

Benefits of KöR Tooth Whitening

KöR tooth whitening offers incredibly fast result, making it one of the most popular cosmetic choices for our patients. In addition to being fast, KöR offers benefits such as:

  • Reliable and consistent results
  • Significant reduction in tooth sensitivity
  • Deep penetration for more radiant whitening

What’s more, Dr. Bass carefully applies KöR tooth whitening to guard against contact with sensitive oral tissue. This prevents irritation that may accompany take-home treatments – even those that come with customized mouthguards – and may be best for patients who are prone to general oral discomfort.

Whitening Deep Stains

KöR tooth whitening can whiten teeth that are severely discolored, but may not fully address issues underneath the teeth’s enamel. If you have ribboning from tetracycline or fluoridation, Dr. Bass may recommend a more advanced cosmetic treatment such as porcelain veneers. This is something that is determined on a patient-by-patient basis and will need to be based on factors unique to your smile. Dr. Bass will discuss all of your tooth whitening options during your initial consultation to ensure you are receiving the most effective treatment available.

To schedule your KöR consultation with our experienced Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist, please contact the office of Terry Bass, DDS, by phone at 405-848-7780 or online today. Dr. Bass serves Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and surrounding Oklahoma communities.