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Dental Fillings are one of the most common dentistry treatments performed today. They are the perfect solution to teeth that have been affected by decay, effectively filling in spaces where bacteria-laden enamel has been removed. Dental fillings add strength and improve durability, as well as protect decay-prone areas of a tooth from further damage. The procedure is an easy one to undergo, often requiring no anesthesia or post-treatment medication, and they can last many years.

Why Porcelain is Our First Choice

At the metal-free cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Terry Bass, we believe in providing our patients with the most ideal fillings. That is why we use porcelain, a safe, strong material that reflects light like natural enamel and therefore produces very realistic tooth restoration results. We feel that providing lower-quality options would not only put our patients in a difficult position to weight quality against cost, but it would also limit our ability as a practice produce the best results possible. Porcelain produces long-lasting, beautiful fillings that will blend in well with your smile.

Keep in mind that fillings can break down over time due to normal wear and tear. If you have fillings in your mouth that have been there awhile, make sure you get them checked regularly to ensure they are still doing their job. We would be happy to replace outdated metal or composite filling with natural-looking porcelain.


  • Dr. Bass removes decay and bacteria from the affected area of enamel using special dental instruments or a safe laser. If you are replacing a worn filling, the old filling material is safely removed.
  • Dr. Bass will take an impression of your tooth, which will be used to create your porcelain filling.
  • The new filling is bonded in place with a safe adhesive.
  • Dr. Bass will make any necessary adjustments to produce a balanced bite, then polish the filled tooth.

If you would like to replace outdated metal fillings, or you want to learn more about the benefits of porcelain fillings, Dr. Terry Bass and his Oklahoma City cosmetic dentistry Team are here to fill you in on all the details. Schedule a consultation with Terry Bass, D.D.S. today to discuss your personal smile makeover goals. We serve Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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