Extreme Makeover

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A smile can be impacted by aesthetics both large and small. A few crooked teeth, small gaps, minor chips and other issues can be repaired on a tooth by tooth basis. In some cases however, multiple teeth are responsible for an embarrassing, awkward smile. What's more, in these instances, basic functionality like biting, chewing, and even speaking can be negatively impacted.

A full mouth restoration or "extreme makeover" incorporates several different cosmetic dental procedures to restore your smile to its most radiant, beautiful, and functional state. Combining the latest neuromuscular, cosmetic, and restorative procedures, Dr. Terry Bass and our Edmond cosmetic dentistry Team will work closely with you to create the smile you've always wanted. Call 405-848-7780 today for a consultation.

Treatments Included in Full Mouth Restoration

An extreme makeover is designed to deal with a complex array of problems. There are a number of procedures that may be included, and Dr. Bass will best be able to determine your personal needs, but standard procedures include a combination of:

In addition to these procedures, tooth extractions, dental bridges, and a number of other procedures may be required to fully restore your mouth to its most opulent state.

The process of an extreme makeover is not a short one, but the benefits gained from undergoing this type of whole-mouth restoration are priceless. Improved comfort in social situations, feeling more self assured, smiling with confidence, and fully restored functionality are gifts you will never regret giving yourself.

Candidates for an Extreme Makeover

If your smile suffers from a combination of issues, tooth by tooth procedures over a long span of time can be costly, and will not provide the complete, one-stop smile makeover of full mouth restoration. Your teeth are the first thing that get noticed when you speak. If your smile is impacted by crooked, missing, gapped, or discolored teeth, it can create a sense of dread when you meet new people, give presentations, or even when you greet old friends. When several procedures would be required to perfect your smile, an extreme makeover is your most effective, and economical solution.

If you live in or around Edmond or other areas of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and would like more information on a dental extreme makeover, please contact Terry Bass, DDS online or call our Team at 405-848-7780 to schedule a consultation and start on your way to the smile you've always wanted.