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Dr. Bass and his Oklahoma City endodontic Team use state-of-the-art dentistry techniques to help patients overcome tooth damage and keep their natural teeth. You may have heard of the procedure called a root canal. This treatment is the most common endodontic treatment and one that is recommended when dental pulp (the soft-tissue matter inside the tooth root) has become diseased. Dr. Bass is often able to prevent the last-resort scenario of tooth extraction by performing a root canal.

Why Perform a Root Canal?

The dental pulp contains the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that nourish the tooth and keep it healthy. When decay and bacteria are allowed to build up on teeth instead of being removed through professional dental cleanings and laser removal, infection can occur. Dental pulp can then become diseased and cannot repair itself and begin to die. This further weakens a tooth and allows decay to spread. The root canal procedure solves this problem and lets you keep your tooth by removing the dental pulp completely.

Endodontic Procedure

  • After you receive a safe numbing agent, the diseased dental pulp is completely removed from the tooth’s core.
  • The dental pulp is replaced with a special, safe material called gutta percha, and the tooth canal is sealed.
  • Because the tooth loses strength when the dental pulp is removed, Dr. Bass will need to add a restoration to the tooth, usually a porcelain filling or dental crown.
  • Your root canal tooth looks completely natural, is highly decay-resistant, and can be used to eat everyday foods without worry.

Keep in mind that endodontic therapy is not usually recommended unless other, more conservative treatments are exhausted. Dr. Bass will make sure your root canal treatment is performed with the utmost skill.

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