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Dr. Terry Bass

Proudly Serving Patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman & nearby areas of Oklahoma

Already established and recognized as one of Oklahoma’s leading providers of metal-free dentistry, Dr. Terry Bass now stands on the forefront of making 21st-century dental procedures affordable to almost anyone. His mission is to make available the world of exceptional dental care to his patients for the lifelong satisfaction of looking good and feeling good.

To that end, Dr. Bass participates in over 100 course hours of continuing education each year. His post-graduate study at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies includes work in the fields of occlusion, advanced anterior aesthetics, advanced posterior aesthetics and artistry in direct bonding.

An Oklahoma native and in practice in the Oklahoma City area for almost 24 years, Dr. Bass is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. He earned his DDS from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1982. Upon graduating, Dr. Bass taught dentistry at his alma mater and joined the Public Health Service Migrant Farm Worker Dental Program as director. He has also served as a dental resident at Oklahoma Memorial Children’s Hospital, University Hospital and Veterans Hospital.

He and his wife of almost twenty years, Louise, have two children. Dr. Bass and his family are devoted to a number of charitable endeavors around the Oklahoma City area.

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Oklahoma City radio talk show host Mary Schrick recommends Dr. Bass to her friends, family members, and listeners:

“I’ll never forget complimenting him on the people that work for him in his office by mentioning that his Team is very caring. He corrected me by saying, ‘a staff is an infection. I have a Team… with a capital “T”.’ Indeed, Dr. Bass does have a Team, a Team that tends to your every need, making sure your visit to the dentist is not one to dread. My whole family comes all the way from southwest Oklahoma to see Dr. Bass. We have never found a better, more caring dentist, and that goes for our entire family!” 

Hear Dr. Mary Schrick: “Third Opinion” KTLG 890 AM Monday – Friday 7 AM to 9 AM and 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM, or “Natural Health Today” KOKC 1520 AM, Saturday 6 AM to 9 AM

If you live in Edmond, Lawton, Norman, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, please contact Dr. Bass and the Team in person, online, or by calling us at 405-848-7780. Please schedule a complete cosmetic dentistry consultation with our experienced dentistry professionals today and start your journey towards an amazing smile and great dental health.

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