Dental Myths

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IIf you were raised with the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” you may think that dental health is as simple as brushing your teeth and drinking a lot of milk. But to truly care for your teeth and oral health it is important to understand the truth about dentistry and dispel some of the myths about your teeth.

Myth: Flossing can replace brushing your teeth.

Flossing between your teeth is extremely important to your dental health, but not because it removes plaque from the surface of your teeth like brushing does. Rather, flossing removes plaque from around the base of your teeth and your gum line, helping prevent periodontal disease and keeping the supporting structures of your teeth in good condition.

Myth: If your teeth do not hurt they are healthy.

You may have cavities without having a toothache. A toothache is a sign of an advanced problem in your mouth which needs immediate attention. If your gums are sensitive or bleeding you should see Dr. Terry Bass immediately, just as you would for a toothache. Often a toothache is a sign of an advanced state of dental decay and may indicate a need for endodontic surgery, otherwise known as a root canal. You should have regular dentistry checkups before your teeth begin to ache to prevent the need for expensive dental work.

Myth: I do not need to bring my child to a dentist until he or she has all her teeth.

Your child should become used to visiting the dentist as little as six weeks after he or she has a first visible tooth. Early examinations can help determine whether your child will need corrective dentistry in the future, and preventative dentistry can keep your child from developing dental problems as more teeth come in.

Myth: Brushing my teeth can remove the enamel.

If you brush your teeth too hard it is possible to damage your tooth enamel. However, most individuals do not brush their teeth long enough or hard enough to damage them. If you are concerned about the health of your enamel, use a softer toothbrush and apply firm, not hard, pressure when brushing your teeth.

Myth: Brushing my teeth twice a day is sufficient.

For many people brushing their teeth twice a day is sufficient. However, it is not the number of times that you brush your teeth that has the greatest impact on your tooth health, but when and how you brush your teeth that matters. You should try and brush your teeth immediately after eating, and brush them as thoroughly as you can, using gentle pressure and a toothbrush that can reach all your teeth, even the ones in back. If you cannot brush your teeth after each meal, rinsing with water will help some.

Myth: My dentist cannot tell me anything about my teeth that I do not already know.

Your dentist is an expert in dental care and can see potential problems before they become painful problems. Visiting your dentist for semi-annual dental cleanings and checkups is a vital part to your overall dental health and can save you thousands of dollars on dentistry later in life.

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