What's New in Cosmetic Dentistry?

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One of the newest developments in cosmetic dentistry is the development of objective parameters on what, exactly, makes a smile attractive. Published in the May 2012 Journal of the American Dental Association, a study by German researchers has identified seven objectively quantifiable standards for determining the attractiveness of a person's smile.
The researchers identified 35 studies from the Cochrane Library and Medline dated from 1975 to 2010 that focused on assessment strategies for smile aesthetics. From these 35 studies, they identified the following as being the most valid objective parameters for determining the attractiveness of a smile:

•    Smile line
•    Lip line
•    Incisal offset
•    Location of dental and facial midline
•    Angulation of incisors and width-to-height ratio of upper front teeth
•    Gingival contour
•    Root coverage and height of gums between teeth

Having identified these factors, the researchers hope to develop a diagnostic aid to help dentists determine when patients might benefit from different types of cosmetic dentistry. The new diagnostic aid would be helpful for training new dentists and helping them gain more quickly the lessons many cosmetic dentists learn by years of experience. These smile factors are important in creating an overall attractive smile, although people may not notice them individually.

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