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TMJ and TMD are used interchangeably as acronyms for temporomandibular joint disorder. In some cases, TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint alone, though this is a much less common usage. No matter which acronym you prefer, TMD/TMJ is an often painful condition that can have far-reaching systemic consequences unless properly diagnosed and treated by a neuromuscular dentist. 
Symptoms of TMD/TMJ
Indications that you are suffering from TMD/TMJ include:
·         Jaw pain or swelling
·         Clicking, popping, or grinding noises in the jaw joint
·         Difficulties chewing
·         Headaches and facial pain
·         Pressure in the sinuses and behind the eyes
·         Ear ringing or pain without the presence of infection
These symptoms may occur alone or in combination – in either instance they should be brought to the attention of an experienced neuromuscular dentist. 

Oklahoma City TMD/TMJ Dentist

Oklahoma City neuromuscular dentist Dr. Terry Bass has over 25 years of experience helping men and women achieve optimal comfort through targeted TMD/TMJ treatments. Using a combination of advanced technology and hands-on evaluation, Dr. Bass can detect TMJ, determine its extent, and tailor a treatment option that will meet your specific needs.

To schedule your TMD/TMJ treatment evaluation at our Oklahoma City office, please contact Terry Bass, DDS today.