TMD/TMJ Symptoms

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The temporomandibular joint connects your lower jaw to your skull in the area in front of your ears. Temporomandibular joint disorders or TMD/TMJ often are the result of trauma, disease, aging or habitual behaviors of tooth grinding and clenching known as bruxism. The symptoms of TMD/TMJ are varied and differ in location and level of intensity, but are most often caused by an alteration in the alignment of your bite.

This misalignment of your bite can and does cause head, facial, shoulder, back and neck pain in addition to other troubling symptoms. Temporomandibular joint disorders can also cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ear pain and ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing and the inability to fully open or close your jaw. The pain associated with TMD/TMJ can be sharp and burning or throbbing and constant and while pain medication will dull the pain it does nothing to reduce or alleviate the cause of the pain.

Dr. Terry Bass and his staff of professionals trained in neuromuscular dentistry can restore the alignment of your bite through advanced diagnostics and treatments. Their goal is not only to reduce and alleviate your symptoms, but to permanently solve the cause of your symptoms.

If you are a resident of Edmond, Lawton, Norman or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and you are suffering from the symptoms of TMD/TMJ, please contact neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Terry Bass today to set up an examination and evaluation of your problem.