Shop Wisely for Teeth Whitening Products

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Teeth whitening products can be good, or they can be not so good. Here are some basic tips for finding the best ones.
Only buy products with the ADA symbol. The American Dental Association has established guidelines for safe whitening products. Buying whitening products with the ADA symbol ensures they will be relatively safe for your teeth when used according to their instructions.

Avoid abrasive toothpastes. When you're looking at the list of ingredients for whitening products, you want to see more chemical whiteners than abrasive ingredients (like aluminum hydroxide or silicas). These can remove your dental enamel. You may see some whitening at first, then yellowing as your enamel thins and you begin to see the off-colored dentin below.

Read the directions before you buy. Obviously, if you're going to want to follow the directions to get optimum, safe results, you want to know what the routine is like. If it sounds too arduous, it's not a good buy.
Lower your expectations. At-home whiteners do work, but their effectiveness is limited. If you don't expect too much from them, you're less likely to be disappointed.

At-home whiteners are a good place to start if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile. If you try them for a while and are still unhappy with the appearance of your smile, or if you find your teeth have become very sensitive, you should talk to a dentist about professional treatment.

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