Replacing Mercury Fillings

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Mercury fillings, also known as amalgams, were first used in dentistry more than a century ago as an inexpensive alternative to gold. The safety and wisdom of using mercury fillings has come into dispute because mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man.

So-called mercury fillings are actually an amalgam of 50% mercury mixed with silver, copper, tin and other metals. The removal of mercury fillings in dental offices across the United States has become a frequently requested procedure. The decision to replace mercury fillings with modern tooth colored restorations that are mercury-free should be cautiously considered.

Mercury filling removal should be done by an experienced cosmetic dentist who is experienced in the procedure to further protect you from additional exposure to mercury during the removal process. Scientific research has discovered that even small amounts of mercury can damage the brain and nervous system, the heart and lungs, kidneys and liver, the blood cells and glands.

Dr. Terry Bass uses the strictest and safest mercury removal techniques and has a mercury-free dental practice that offers advanced materials and technologies that are safe, effective, durable and beautiful.

If you live in Edmond, Lawton, Norman or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and are considering replacing your toxic mercury fillings, please contact Dr. Terry Bass today find out how Dr. Bass and his team of skilled professionals can restore your smile with mercury-free dentistry.