Questions for Your Oklahoma City Dentist: Why Replace Metal Fillings?

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If you have metal fillings, you may notice how unattractive they can be. Prone to quickly tarnish, metal fillings can look dark and dingy, greatly detracting from the beauty of your smile. Even when new, metal fillings can be unattractive, making you feel self-conscious anytime they might be visible.
Metal fillings are unattractive, but this isn’t the only reason they should be replaced.
Dangers of Metal Fillings

When metal fillings are placed, a large amount of tooth enamel must first be removed. This allows the metal filling to be crammed into a cavity where, ideally, it will prevent further decay. However, in the process of placing these fillings, healthy enamel is removed and the tooth is further weakened.
Metal expands and contracts as temperatures change in your mouth. Because they are not bonded to the tooth, this allows metal fillings to come loose, fall out, or crack a tooth internally – none of which are possible with tooth-colored filling options.
Ours is a metal-free dentistry practice. Dr. Bass has chosen to only offer tooth-colored restorations not only because they are more attractive, but because they are safer, stronger, and much more reliable than their metal alternatives.


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