Oklahoma in the Bottom Ten States for Dental Visits

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Gallup has released state-by-state numbers on the frequency of dental visits in the United States. Oklahoma came in at 55.2% - ranking 49th in the number of adults seeking general dental care in the past 12 months. On the other end of the chart is Connecticut, where 74.9% of adults have had a regularly scheduled cleaning and examination in the past year.
If these statistics seems unimportant or irrelevant to you, consider this: over 90% of seniors in Connecticut have some, if not all, of their natural teeth. In Oklahoma? Fewer than 75% of seniors can say the same.
Why Dental Visits are Important
There is no doubt that a solid and consistent oral hygiene routine is the best way to prevent tooth loss. This most recent poll from Gallup simply confirms what we have always known – a solid oral hygiene routine is incomplete without regular visits to the dentist.
Regularly scheduled visits with Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Terry Bass serve two primary purposes: they allow us to remove plaque, bacteria, and tartar from your teeth and gums, and they allow Dr. Bass to detect early signs of oral health problems. Early detection allows for swift treatment which, in turn, can help prevent tooth loss and other serious issues.
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