Metal-Free Dentistry

Serving Patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Lawton, and Norman, OK

Many people have fillings or restorations that are metal based. For a long time, this is just the way things were. Getting a filling meant a filling made from an amalgam of metals, including mercury. However, as with everything, dentistry has changed with the times. As a result, we are a practice that is metal-free.

There are many reasons why metal is a poor choice for restorations. Mercury has been linked to health issues, and there are those who believe that even a small amount can have negative effects on the body. While the research on this is not conclusive, peace of mind to our patients is one of the reasons we avoid mercury.

Other reasons include the way mercury looks in the mouth, as well as the way the metal expands and contracts with temperature. Having teeth that look metal, and that may crack due to expanding or contracting, does not seem like a smart way to treat those who need restorations.

As a result, we use natural looking restorations for fillings, crowns, and veneers with porcelain and other materials. In this way, no one will be able to tell that you have fillings or have had restorative work, and the material is much better for your natural teeth.

Dr. Bass performs removal of mercury in a safe and effective way. If you are interested in having mercury removed from your mouth, please contact our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area metal-free dental practice for an initial consultation.