Mercury-Free Dental Practice in Oklahoma City

Serving Patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Lawton, and Norman, OK

Mercury is a metal that has long been used in dentistry. While the mercury controversy continues, Oklahoma City family dentist Dr. Terry Bass has decided that even the slightest chance of harm to our patients is simply not worth the risk. It is with your health, safety, and happiness in mind that we have built Oklahoma City’s premier mercury-free dentistry practice.
If you live in or around the Oklahoma City area and are looking for a metal-free dental practice, please contact Terry Bass, DDS or call 405-622-8996 today to schedule an appointment.  
Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry
Safety is, of course, one of the primary reasons our family dentist has chosen to not use metal restorations. However, safety concerns are not the only reason tooth-colored resin and porcelain restorations are superior to their metal alternatives.
Metal restorations require a large amount of your tooth enamel be removed for placement. Metal is also affected by temperature fluctuations in your mouth, allowing restorations to expand, contract, and further damage teeth. Metal restorations can fall out, crack or break teeth, and even increase sensitivity, all of which can be avoided by using tooth-colored restorations.
For more information about our Oklahoma City metal-free dentistrypractice, please contact us today. Dr. Bass provides advanced dental solutions for people of all ages living in Oklahoma City and surrounding Oklahoma communities.