Headaches and TMJ

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Everyone has a tendency to hold their stress in different areas of the body. Some people hold it in their shoulders, some their back, and others hold it in their jaw. For those people who hold tension in their jaws, this tension can, over time, result in grinding teeth in sleep, clenching when feeling stress and can then lead to misaligned teeth. Overtime, this tension can travel to your temples and the rest of your head and neck resulting in painful headaches that many people believe are migraines.

TMJ and Migraines

For many people, headaches are the worst symptom they experience from TMJ. Many people will live with migraine-like headaches for years without realizing that Temporomandibular Joint Disorder could be causing them. Every case of TMJ is different and the treatment will therefore need to be different as well. Using the latest in dental technology, Dr. Terry Bass can design a custom treatment that is perfectly tooled towards your specific needs.

If you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or surrounding areas and you experience headaches on a regular basis and have any of the other symptoms of TMJ, then it is in your best interest to contact a qualified neuromuscular dentist like Dr. Terry Bass, DDS to take care of your pain where it starts.