Environmental Groups Urge FDA to Phase-Out Mercury Fillings

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In 2013, the United States was first among 128 nations to eventually sign the treaty, Minamata Convention on Mercury, agreeing to implement plans to eliminate the use of toxic metals in the treatment of tooth decay. Now, two years later, a coalition of 63 national and international environmental groups are calling on the FDA to comply with this international treaty and begin the phase-out of mercury in dental fillings.

It has long been known that mercury poses serious health risks when placed in the mouth. These concerns have been so great that the ADA has recommended metal fillings not be placed in pregnant women or children. Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Terry Bass extends this precaution to all of our patients.

At our metal-free dentistry practice, Dr. Bass utilizes the most advanced tooth-colored restorations to produce reliable, safe, and attractive results. These metal-free alternatives have shown to be stronger and more reliable than their toxic alternatives and are certainly a much more aesthetically appealing option as well. If you have questions about replacing your old metal restorations with a more durable, reliable, and cosmetically attractive option, Dr. Bass would be happy to discuss your choices during your next visit to our office.

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