Does Zoom! Tooth Whitening Hurt?

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Zoom! tooth whitening is an innovative new approach to tooth whitening that uses light to activate a powerful whitening agent that is applied to the teeth. A treatment takes about an hour, and can lighten the enamel as much as seven to ten shades.

Over the Counter Tooth Whitening

If you have used over the counter tooth whiteners in the past, you might have experienced some increased sensitivity in your teeth or irritation to your gums. This can occur when you use the product too often or use too much. Gum irritation can occur when the whitener makes contact with the gums rather than being carefully applied only to the surface of the teeth. With Zoom! tooth whitening, you can avoid these common side effects to at-home whitening treatments.

The Zoom! Difference

When you go to the office of Oklahoma City area Zoom! dentist Dr. Terry Bass for a tooth whitening treatment, you can be assured that the process will be simple and painless. Before the whitening agent is applied, Dr. Bass will apply a protective gel to your gums. Special guards are used to ensure your lips are also protected. These precautions will ensure that none of the whitening agent touches your lips or gums, preventing any discomfort. You can simply sit back and relax, and in about an hour the treatment will be complete, leaving you with a bright, stunningly white smile.

To find out more about Zoom! tooth whitening and what it can do for you, please contact Oklahoma Zoom! dentist Dr. Terry Bass. With offices in Edmond, Lawton, Norman, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Dr. Bass and his experienced team of cosmetic dentists can help you achieve a bright, white smile that will turn heads.