Dental Myths

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Dental myths and misinformation still exist even to this day despite modern technological advances in procedures and materials that make a visit to the dentist virtually pain and stress free.

Common dentistry myths and misinformation include the idea that brushing after every meal is harmful to enamel, chewing gum is as effective as brushing and flossing, root canals are really painful, an aspirin placed on an aching tooth will cure the toothache, and caring for baby teeth is a waste of time because they fall out eventually anyway.

Brushing and flossing is never a bad thing when done with a soft tooth brush in a gentle way and while chewing sugar-free gum can freshen your breath after meals, it is no substitute for brushing and flossing to remove food particles and debris that can cause dental problems if left to remain. The soft tissues surrounding your teeth can be seriously harmed by the chemicals in an aspirin placed on an aching tooth, and possibly do more harm than good. Neglecting the care of baby teeth impacts the health of their permanent teeth and can affect their oral health for years to come.
The misinformation about root canals has become such a part of American folklore that "having a root canal" has become synonymous with fear and pain. In fact, root canals are no more painful than any other dental procedure performed in modern dental offices nationwide.

The highly skilled team of professionals at the offices of cosmetic dentist Dr. Terry Bass knows that myths and misinformation often prevent people from seeking out the care and treatment they need to maintain good oral hygiene and want patients to know they have various methods available to treat your dental problems painlessly and stress-free in a caring environment.

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