TMJ Treatment Goals

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The value of TMJ treatment should not be underestimated. You may come to a neuromuscular dentist looking to find relief from one or two particularly troublesome symptoms, but you will likely find that there are many more symptoms that have been diminishing your quality of life for many years. TMD treatment is intended to not only relieve all the symptoms of TMJ, but also improve the function of your bite, and there are many collateral improvements you may notice as well.

This page explains some of the basic treatment goals for TMD, but the only way to find out what results you may see from TMJ treatment is to be evaluated by a neuromuscular dentist. In the Edmond, Oklahoma area, please call 405-848-7780 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Terry Bass.

Alleviating TMJ Symptoms

The first goal of TMJ treatment is alleviating the symptoms of TMJ that brought you to the office. Some of the more common complaints we see are headaches, tooth or jaw pain, and clicking or popping in the jaw. However, TMD symptoms are highly variable from person to person, and are spread across the entire body. Ideally, all the symptoms of TMJ should be relieved by treatment.

Improve Bite Function

With an ideally positioned jaw, your teeth align easily and naturally and are able to close across the entire arch. You should be able to chew equally well on both sides of your mouth. When your TMD is alleviated, you will likely notice the improvement in your bite every time you eat, as chewing will seem effortless in comparison to how it was when you had TMJ.

Collateral Effects

In addition to alleviating TMD symptoms and improving your bite function, there are several other possible effects that you will notice from TMJ treatment, such as:

  • Improved posture
  • Airway improvement
  • Improved appearance

TMD treatment aligns not only your jaw, but should also align your cervical vertebrae (the ones in your neck), which can result in an improved posture throughout your body.
A poorly aligned jaw can also constrict your airway. During the day this may make it harder for you to perform cardio workouts. In fact, any work that elevates your oxygen demands may get you panting quickly. At night, a poorly aligned jaw can contribute to sleep apnea.

Finally, a poorly aligned jaw can impact your facial appearance. If your teeth are not fitting together properly, your face may be compressed, making it look shorter and wider than it should, which can increase the appearance of jowls and excess fat and skin in the neck. A poorly aligned jaw can jut out or recede, which can affect your profile.

If you are considering TMD treatment, you should talk to a neuromuscular dentist today to learn what benefits you might see from the procedure. In Edmond, Oklahoma, please contact Dr. Terry Bass online or call 405-848-7780 today for an appointment.